Wednesday, 15 August 2012

£3 For A Birthday Card Tops Our List Of Rip-offs

Un-happy birthday spendings: Birthday cards are Britain's biggest rip off, and adding a few quid to the birthday shindigs of a colleague was the only non-household cost which made the top-ten most hated payments.

Britons feel they get the least value for money when purchasing birthday cards, takeaway pizzas and stamps whilst one in four cannot stand having to fork out for a colleague’s birthday celebrations.

However, good news for those in our tea-loving nation who like to sit down in front of the telly with a cuppa, the 'best value for money' list include semi-skimmed milk, kettles and flat screen televisions. 

These are the results of a survey carried out amongst 2,000 Britons into which products and services gave them the most - and the least - for their wages. 

Dave Broadway, managing director of print and post specialists Docmail, which commissioned the study, said: 'It’s hard times for many people at the moment and the results of the research show that the majority of Brits feel they aren’t getting value for money in many areas. 

Mr Broadway added: “The study shows it’s not about how much something costs but the level of value represented in the price - whether that’s buying a stamp or a TV subscription, people are always very aware of what they are getting in return for their money.