Monday, 14 October 2013

GP Surgeries Could Be Saving £70M In Postage Costs Each Year

FIGURES released today by a firm behind a new generation of mail service, reveals that GP surgeries and medical centres could be saving at least £70 million in mailing costs each year. Hybrid mail specialists, Docmail have estimated that that if all 10,000 medical practices across the UK made a switch from printing, stuffing, sealing, stamping and posting their written patient correspondence, printing and postage costs would be reduced by over £70 million.

At a time when staff resources and budgets are under immense pressure in the healthcare sector, cost-effective and time-saving solutions are always welcome. With an average saving of 70 pence per printed letter over the traditional method, the Docmail service offers both time and cost saving benefits, as compared with labour-intensive task of a manual postal mailing, whilst not compromising on service or quality.

In fact, the efficiencies of hybrid mail for GP Practices and Medical Centres have been recognised by EMIS, the patient information software, which has now integrated the rapidly-growing Docmail solution into its software package.  Docmail is now being used by over 1,500 GP practices throughout the country, with many more medical practices opting for this method to send out written communication to their patients and suppliers.

Dave Broadway, managing director of Docmail, explains:  

“Hybrid mail is still a relatively new solution, but with the proven time and cost savings that it brings, all practice managers should take note. We appreciate that business owners, managers and finance officers are still under huge pressure when it comes to making already stretched budgets go further, and staff taking on more work. Combine this with the continuing uncertainty at Royal Mail, and Docmail offers a tangible, exciting alternative to traditional post, for less than the price of a first class stamp.”