Monday, 1 December 2014

Lexacom And Docmail Announce Strategic Partnership To Offer One-Stop 'Dictate To Delivery' Solution

Innovative UK businesses, Lexacom Digital Dictation and CFH Docmail have signed a strategic partnership deal designed to offer clients a highly efficient, one-stop solution to document creation and delivery.

The two companies have developed an advanced system that will see new and existing clients benefit from a fully integrated dictate to delivery service, so they can not only record and transcribe documents with ease, but print and post at the touch of a button as well. The new service, which is currently in its final testing phase ahead of a planned rollout in January 2015, will significantly improve document turnaround times and reduce the strain on in-house admin teams.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director of Lexacom, said: “Clients have already seen significant cost savings and efficiency improvements since using Lexacom and we’re confident this partnership with Docmail will enhance those benefits. Working with Docmail is a natural move for us in helping our customers take another major step forward in business efficiency.”

Leading digital dictation provider, Lexacom, specialises in developing integrated solutions to enable clients to dictate and transcribe documents easily and securely, anytime, anywhere. Authors simply record their reports, correspondence or referral letters using a handheld mic or Lexacom Mobile App, which can then be transcribed by an in-house admin team, outsourced transcription service or voice recognition software, managed through the Lexacom system.

CFH Docmail provides customers with a reliable, secure, all in one print, personalisation and Royal Mail delivery service at less than the cost of a second-class stamp.

New and existing customers of both organisations will see the two systems connect seamlessly, giving companies the option of choosing whether to dispatch dictated letters using Docmail at no additional cost*.

Victoria Coates, Business Development Manager, CFH Docmail said: “We are really excited about the added benefits this partnership will bring to our clients, particularly those in the healthcare, legal and professional services sectors who tend to rely heavily on digital dictation. Our business is all about improving efficiency and productivity for our clients and we’re delighted to be working with Lexacom to provide added integrated benefits.”

The two organisations will work together to promote the combined service to existing customers as well as developing joint marketing initiatives to attract new business.

*Standard Lexacom and Docmail charges apply

First Voice. Article: "'Brilliant system' is child's play"

Friday, 14 November 2014

CFH Docmail Installs Massive Solar Panel Array

Managing Director Dave Broadway inspects the new Solar array.

CFH Docmail Ltd has completed the installation of a Solar PV System at its Radstock site that at peak generation will provide over 60% of the company’s electrical energy requirement.

The system which is made up of 1,000, 250-watt Solar Photovoltaic panels has been installed on the two roofs of the main areas of business operation.

The company has invested £250,000 in the renewable technology solution, with pay back anticipated in five years.

The energy generated by the Solar PV system will result in a reduction of 206 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the first year,  and will also be used to charge the electric vehicles that supply the company’s Velopost with mail for delivery in Bristol and Bath.

Managing Director of CFH Docmail, Dave Broadway said:

 “The Solar PV system complements and enhances an ongoing project that has been running since 2010 that has targeted and reduced our energy consumption by 20%. We have used a combination of efficiency improvement processes and investment in low energy consumption technology including: LED lighting; heat optimisation controls and heat recovery systems.”

The installation was project managed and completed by local specialist Solar Systems of Ilminster, Somerset between August and October 2014.

CFH Docmail has been awarded throughout 2014 for their groundbreaking initiatives to achieve a reduction of various environmental impacts whilst expanding the business. These include: a reduction in electricity consumption of 30% and an equivalent reduction in gas use.

CFH Docmail are the proud recipients of a Green Apple Award; Business In The Community, Responsible Business Award; Made In The South West Award; Bath Business, Environmental Business Of The Year; and a Bristol Post Award.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

CFH Docmail Secures GPSoC IT Services Framework Agreement

Hybrid Mail specialists, CFH Docmail, has secured a new agreement with the GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC), as part of its Lot 2 Additional GP IT Services Framework. CFH Docmail, which has already helped its medical sector clients save over £6million.

The Lot 2 framework agreement enables local organisations, including general practices and CCG’s to procure additional software, hardware and professional services, complementary to those already available under Lot 1. The Lot 2 catalogue will be published in December 2014 and will be accompanied by ‘how to buy’ guidance to support local organisations in ordering services.

CFH Docmail has been approved to supply four distinct services under the agreement; ROVa, Docmail, Dotpost, and Docmail Plus. ROVa is an innovative new application that enables medical record access and facilitates communication between patients and clinicians. Docmail is a print and mail software solution for patient communications and Dotpost allows patients to receive communications via their own secure digital mailbox. Docmail Plus integrates all three solutions with the Principal Clinical System.

There are already 3,000 medical and healthcare providers, CCG’s, Hospitals and NHS Trusts across the UK who enjoy using the Docmail print and mail service, which helps them save endless hours printing and stuffing envelopes and thousands of pounds on stationery and stamps every year.

The Docmail solution has allowed medical practices to send over 10 million important documents - including appointment reminders and clinic notices – at a fraction of the cost of traditional mass mailings.

Martin’s Oak Surgery, a small practice in East Sussex, has been using Docmail for the last two years, and for Practice Manager, Carey Sinclair, the difference it’s made to their practice is significant:

“Docmail has saved money, staff hours and elbow grease and once we learned how to format the documents and spreadsheets, it really was plain sailing.

“I would estimate we have literally saved days in staff time, and therefore hundreds of pounds using Docmail for large runs – it’s much more efficient than the more traditional method. For example, using it for our flu campaign alone saved over £800 and by using EMIS Web searches we can save even more. We are glad to have discovered Docmail - and we believe that other medical practices should benefit from it too.”

CFH Docmail Managing Director, Dave Broadway, says:

“We are delighted to have secured a contract as part of the GPSoC supplier framework and that our solutions have been recognised as a valuable asset to the medical sector. As the only supplier offering these types of print and mail services, it demonstrates that the communications solutions we have worked hard to develop are valuable, credible and fit-for-purpose.

“In fact, are now the number one provider of mailing services to the medical and health services sector, with a 25% share of the Hybrid Mail market, and we are continuing to grow.

“Whether used alone, or as part of a patient management system, our patient communications solutions can make life considerably easier for admin staff, at a time when every minute and every penny matters.”

For further information, contact:
Dave Broadway, CFH Docmail Ltd, Tel: 01761 416311

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

You’ve Got a Friend In Me

FATHER AND SON: David and Joe Broadway 

Choosing the right or wrong business partner can make or break your business. Zoe Efstathiou speaks to some great business teams to find out how they make their relationships work.

Joining the family business seemed like an easy option for Joe Broadway, who had just graduated with a degree in Political Science when he took on an account manager role at his father, Dave Broadway’s, delivery firm, CFH Docmail. Four years on, Joe is responsible for running his own division within the company, which is currently the third largest end-to-end delivery service in the UK.

Joe recounted: “I had just finished university and was planning on going travelling, but there was a position open at CFH that paid more than any other job I could get at that time. My plan was to work at CFH for a year, then take my savings and travel, but somehow I really got into it and, four years later, I’m still here as a director of the company.

“Working with my father is actually very rewarding. I had a huge amount of respect for him anyway, and this only grew as I worked with him. We both have very strong personalities and we are both stubborn, so if we do clash over a difference of opinion, it is quite easy for us both to get heated.

“Keeping the relationship professional at work is tough, and you have to remember that you can’t have a row with the managing director - even if he is your dad! It’s also difficult being the bosses’ son. Everyone thinks I’ve been handed my position on a silver platter, so I have to work twice as hard to prove myself. Despite this, it is a really rewarding experience, and having someone that you can trust completely in your business is invaluable. My father has been a pillar of support in my career so far, and without his trust and encouragement I would not have gotten as far as I have.”

Read the article here (pdf): Talk Business Article 

Or visit:

For further information, contact:
Joe Broadway, CFH Docmail Ltd, Tel: 01761 416311

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bath Chronicle Business Awards 2014: Winners revealed.

Bath Chronicle Business Awards 2014: Winners revealed

Bath business leader Colin Skellett is the winner of the Bath Chronicle Business Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Mr Skellett, who is the boss at city firm Wessex Water, is a prominent business figure not just in Bath but across the region in his role as chairman of the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership. 

He was instrumental in the establishment of Bath Tourism Plus and the city centre management body Future Bath Plus. In 2012 he was given an OBE for his service to business and charity. 

Other winners from tonight’s awards ceremony, held at Bath Racecourse, include BMT Hi-Q Sigma, which was named Business of the Year and Brett Raynes from Cloud Direct, who picked up Business Person of the Year Award. 

More than 300 members of Bath’s business community celebrated the 2014 the Bath Chronicle Business Awards, which was also raising money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. 

The winners included;

Best Employee
Becky Johnson - Fabulous

Environmental Business of the Year
CFH Docmail Ltd

Contribution to the Community
Bath Rugby Foundation

Innovative Start Up Business

Training and Development Award
Nine Feet Tall

Customer Service Award
David Maxwell Hairdressing

Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Andrew Lennox - Koh Thai Tapas

Retailer of the Year
TR Hayes

Leisure and Tourism Award
No 1 Royal Crescent

Business Person of the Year
Brett Raynes - Cloud Direct

Best Business Website
Total Guide To Ltd

Lifetime Achievement Award
Colin Skellett - Wessex Water

Business of the Year
BMT Hi-Q Sigma

Read the article here: SouthWestBusiness 

For further information, contact:
Dave Broadway, CFH Docmail Ltd, Tel: 01761 416311

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Delivering Energy Savings

Part of Velopost's Bristol delivery team

PRINT and mailing specialists, CFH Docmail, recently announced energy savings of 20% at its main facilities in Radstock, Somerset, and is now busy rolling-out the most energy efficient postal service in the UK. Through Velopost – a local bicycle mail collection and delivery service – CFH Docmail has achieved the UK’s first carbon-neutral postal service, operating in three cities currently, with further expansion planned. 

The journey to energy-saving has been a long one, but one that the company, and Managing Director, Dave Broadway, is thoroughly committed to, and passionate about. With a several awards under its belt in recognition of its environmental achievements, Broadway is keen to pass on what the company has learned, and help other businesses become more energy-efficient and less wasteful.

The start of the journey for CFH Docmail was a two-year research partnership with the University of West of England (UWE), CFH Docmail has carefully considered all of its options in reducing waste, cutting energy use, and reducing its overall environmental impact. Conscious of its use of energy-hungry printing and processing machinery, and vast use of paper, Dave Broadway, is committed to achieving yet more energy savings – as much as a third - and is working on the expansion of its near zero-carbon postal delivery service.

As the UK’s third largest end-to-end postal delivery provider, operating from a 110,000 sq ft. plant in Radstock, determining the best ways to cut waste, and reduce energy use was a huge task. The firm has implemented a number of measures, with more investment planned, which, to date, has led to over 23% reduction in energy use and a significant reduction in waste.

Dave Broadway explains:

“When working with the UWE, we covered every small detail of our operation, looking for ways to make it more energy efficient, and to reduce our waste, and overall impact. It’s important not to overlook the small things or those basic routine, daily tasks or processes – the smallest changes can still have a big impact.

“Some of the changes we have made are very obvious – such as our switch to using electric vehicles to deliver mail to the local postal depots, switching to LED lighting, and buying our electricity from a sustainable source.

“And the less obvious and localised changes have also had a similar impact – for example, we’ve replaced the inefficient air compressors required by our printing press machines, installed a gas optimisation controller and energy measuring equipment, and implemented a staff ‘cycle to work’ scheme. The savings we have made in the last few years have been extremely encouraging, and we are continuing to identify more ways to make our business and operation as sustainable as possible.”

Perhaps where CFH Docmail has made its biggest strides in environmental terms is with its Velopost service. Currently operating in Bristol, Bath and Edinburgh, this service uses a team of cyclists to collect and deliver mail locally, with the added assistance of the electric vehicles to transport the mail to local hubs. Velopost has proved a very popular and successful service, delivering over 20,000 pieces of mail every month for local residents and businesses, saving them around 40% on the price of a second class stamp.

Dave Broadway adds:

“Operating in a sustainable, energy efficient way is important for us as a business, and we recognise that it is becoming increasingly important for our customers and clients. They benefit from our environmental credentials each time they use our Docmail or Velopost service, so they are saving more than just time and money – they are reducing their own impact on the environment too.

“Achieving such high standards and maximising efficiencies in this regard continues to be a personal commitment of mine, but it is equally important for the whole business. We of course see savings in our energy bills, but the creation of our door-to-door delivery service makes us inherently more efficient than our competitors, including Royal Mail. The fact that we can do it in an almost carbon-free way is real bonus, and something that is unique to CFH.”

Friday, 4 July 2014

CFH Docmail win Environmental Business Award at Bristol Post Business Awards

Managing Director Dave Broadway holds up the Award

CFH Docmail beat tough competition to collect the Environmental Business Award at the Bristol Post Business Awards.

The company picked up the award for its fossil fuel free postal service, Velopost, plus research work with the University of West England to reduce energy waste.

Velopost is a carbon free postal service which helps businesses and organizations in Bristol reduce their carbon footprint as well as save up to 40% on their postage costs.

CFH Docmail has been working with researchers at the University of West England to reduce energy waste throughout the company.

As a result of that research CFH has reduced its power consumption by over 20%, and installed Solar PEV roofs on two of the main roof spaces at the main site in 2014.

In addition to direct action CFH also plant trees in the UK to offset Carbon Dioxide generated by production of Docmail, making Docmail completely carbon neutral.

The Toptree initiative, in conjunction with the Woodland Trust, is responsible for planting more than 100,000 trees in the UK.

In March 2014 CFH launched “Urban Green” - an initiative intended to green the cities in which Velopost operates by tree planting in urban areas.

Urban Green tree planting has several benefits, including cleaning the air in city centres and helping to reduce flooding.

Dave Broadway, Managing Director of CFH Docmail, dedicated the award last night to the staff at CFH Docmail and Velopost:

“To be recognized for your environmental quality as a business is a proud achievement - particularly in a leading green city like Bristol where this is a lot of tough competition.”

“I would like to thank all of my staff at Docmail and plus everyone involved with the research. Without their dedication and hard work this award win wouldn’t have been possible”

Notes to Editors:
CFH Docmail released its research paper with the University of West England to the print community to help other businesses adopt similar environmental ‘good practice’.
For press information about the research paper or for interviews with Dave Broadway about Docmail and Velopost please contact Tom Dukeson or Linda Cohen from Lily Pad PR
Tel: 0844 3511484

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Docmail and Velopost - Sustainable Product and Services Award!

We're winners!

CFH Docmail Ltd have been awarded a “Big Tick” for our environmental contribution in the Sustainable Product and Services category at the BITC Responsible Business Awards 2014.

It is yet more recognition of CFH’s impressive contribution to a cleaner environment in the build up to Bristol’s recognition as European Green Capital, 2015, when the eyes of the Europe will be on the region.

As part of the South West Business article on this issue, CFH Docmail’s efforts are commended:

Managing director Dave Broadway said: “Some of the changes are very obvious – such as our switch to using electric vehicles to deliver mail to the local postal depots, switching to LED lighting, and buying our electricity from a sustainable source.”

But he said other less obvious changes had had a big impact too, such as replacing inefficient air compressors, used printing press machines, installing a gas optimisation controller and energy measuring equipment, and implementing a staff cycle-to-work scheme.

Perhaps the firm’s biggest strides have been in the introduction of its Velopost service, which delivers 20,000 pieces of mail by bicycle in Bristol and Bath.

Innovation of this kind will help Bristol square the circle of living up to being Europe’s Green Capital.

Another local business doing its bit is print and mailing specialist CFH Docmail.

Following a two-year research project with UWE, the firm is looking at ways to reduce waste, energy use and the overall environmental impact of its 110,000 sq ft Radstock plant. It has already cut energy use by 23 per cent.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Local Print & Mail Company Back Hospital Appeal

Local print and mail company, CFH Docmail Ltd, are valued supporters of the RUH Forever Friends Appeal – having raised thousands of pounds for the Appeal’s Campaign to help build a pioneering new Cancer Centre for the Royal United Hospital in Bath.  In order to thank the company for their invaluable support, The Forever Friends Appeal are delighted to welcome CFH Docmail on board as a Corporate Partner.

Having sponsored Ted’s Team in the Bath Half Marathon in both 2012 and 2014, many staff members from CFH Docmail based in Radstock, also decided to dust off their running shoes and take on the 13.1 mile challenge.  Thanks to this passion and commitment, the company has raised a truly wonderful £14,000 for the Appeal over the past three years – through their Bath Half Marathon sponsorship, and supporting other fundraising activities, such as Ted’s Big Day Out each October,

Though it is not just through financial donations that CFH Docmail show their support for the charity.  Every member of Ted’s Bath Half Marathon team in 2014 received a Wild Cherry Tree in their post-race goody bag, which was kindly donated as part of the company’s Top Tree Initiative.   The Toptree programme, in association with the Woodland Trust, has been responsible for the introduction of more than 92,000 trees into Woodland Trust sites around the UK since 1997. Urban Green, a new Toptree initiative, was recently launched by Velopost (formerly Docmail Local Post) to increase the population of indigenous trees in the cities and towns of the UK.

CFH Docmail is a leading provider of print and mail and IT solutions with over 35 years experience. They provide businesses with an all in one print, personalisation and mail delivery service for less than the cost of a second class stamp.  Dave Broadway, Managing Director of CFH Docmail commented “Impressively, Ted’s Team has raised over £40,000 so far this year through the Bath Half – which is a great achievement. I am very proud of the efforts of our staff, and the contribution they made to such a worthy cause. We look forward to hearing about the development of the important Cancer Centre in Bath.

Having raised over £10,000, CFH Docmail will therefore be recognised by the charity as a ‘Corporate Partner’, and the Appeal were therefore delighted to have recently presented Managing Director, Dave Broadway, with a Forever Friends Appeal Corporate Partnership plaque to display in their Radstock office.  Corporate Officer for The Forever Friends Appeal, Jo Hones, comments:  “We are so thrilled to welcome CFH Docmail on board as our Corporate Partner.   As a Corporate Partner CFH will receive a naming opportunity within the new Cancer Centre, and this acknowledgement is our way of saying thank you for the dedicated support the company has given us over the years.”

The current focus of The Forever Friends Appeal Appeal is the RUH Cancer Care Campaign, raising £8.5 million towards the building of a pioneering new Cancer Centre for the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

To find out more about The Forever Friends Appeal Corporate Partnership scheme, please visit or contact Corporate Officer Jo Hones on 01225 825392.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Urban Green launches in Bristol - a national initiative to green urban landscapes

Urban Green, a new Toptree initiative, has been launched by Velopost (formerly Docmail Local Post) to increase the population of indigenous trees in the cities and towns of the UK.

Joe Broadway, Director of Velopost, hopes to plant 17,000 trees over the next five years:

“We are aiming to plant 500 trees every year in each city we operate in (Bristol, Bath and Edinburgh).

“We will introduce Urban Green to two cities each year – planting a total of 17,000 trees over the next five years.”

This is a major development in The Toptree programme, which, in association with the Woodland Trust, has been responsible for the introduction of more than 92,000 trees into Woodland Trust sites around the UK since 1997.

The aim of the new Urban Green initiative is to improve the urban environment. In addition to providing a greener landscape, urban trees have been shown to absorb pollution, reduce flooding, and reduce the impact of temperature extremes.

Gus Hoyt, Green Party Cabinet Councillor, attended the initiative launch this week:

“Trees play an active role in flood mitigation. This is of greater importance as our weather patterns are already changing leading to more increased rainfall. It’s great that green minded businesses such as Velopost are focussing investment in planting more trees in the city region and we very much look forward to working with them as we approach Green Capital year.

Joe Broadway, Director of Velopost, explains:

“Our customers choose us because they are committed to supporting environmental issues as well as local business.

We have set up Urban Green so we can increase investment into local sustainability and improve the Urban Environment of the cities that we operate in.

The business communities in both Bristol and Bath have very strong green credentials and I am confident of the support of local organisations for this initiative.”

Gus Hoyt, Green Party Cabinet Councillor, adds his support to both Velopost and Urban Green:

“By relying more on cycle couriers we can seriously tackle the issue of air quality in Bristol. Likewise, increasing the canopy of tree coverage in the city also helps us naturally clean the air we breathe.”

Local businesses and schools in Bristol and Bath can apply directly to Urban Green to receive trees.

Velopost will also arrange a school trip for a local primary school in Bristol to visit Dundry Wood and learn about trees and how they benefit the environment.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

CFH Docmail Presses On With Xerox Investment To Boast the Largest UK Fleet Of Its Kind

Leading print and mail specialist, CFH Docmail, has increased its digital capacity nearly three-fold in less than a year thanks to an investment in eight Xerox digital production printing devices; two new Xerox iGen® Presses, three Xerox Colour 8250 Production Printers, two Xerox Nuvera® 314 EA Perfecting Production Systems and a Xerox Nuvera 144 MX Digital Production System. The devices have been installed across its three main printing sites - in Radstock, Livingston, and PRINT.UK.COM in Slough – and the additional investment means that CFH boasts one of the largest iGen® fleets in the UK.

The addition of the latest Xerox devices has allowed CFH to increase its capacity, reduce costs and produce high quality, short to medium digital print runs, which complements its hybrid mail solution, Docmail.

Four of the new Xerox devices have CP Bourg Integrated Plus Finishing Solutions, CFH Docmail is one of the UK’s biggest investors in this technology, and with its additional mailing solution, offers a comprehensive end-to-end print and post solution that is completely exclusive.

Dave Broadway, managing director of CFH Docmail, explains:
“Since July 2013 we have invested over £2 million, increasing our capacity by 296%. The investment has allowed us to increase our capacity for full colour personalised booklets, our ever-increasing Docmail colour volumes and migrate short to medium print-runs to a white paper solution while maintaining an exceptionally high standard of print quality.”

CFH Docmail’s new Xerox fleet has propelled print capabilities forward; not only by increasing digital colour volumes and offering customers a more efficient and cost-effective solution, but it has also allowed CFH to offer higher quality print solutions, particularly for high resolution images.

“CFH Docmail’s significant investment is a testament to the strength of Xerox’s digital production printing technology and our collaborative project planning,” said Mike Holyoake, general manager, Graphic Communications Operations, Xerox UK. “The new devices will enable CFH Docmail to reduce costs, produce more jobs and maintain their position as leading print and mail specialists.”

Friday, 21 March 2014

Wiltshire Council First To Use Innovative Dotpost Delivery Solution

Wiltshire County Council offices in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

LAST week, Wiltshire County Council became the first local authority to send its Council Tax bills via an innovative online document delivery solution, known as Dotpost. 

The service was recently launched by print and mail specialists, CFH Docmail and free Dotpost accounts are being offered to all Wiltshire residents, so they too can benefit from free storage and delivery of documents, without the need for an envelope or a stamp. Residents who sign up to Dotpost can also benefit from free traditional post items, by opening up a Docmail account, with £5 free credit, topped up each month.

Dotpost is a secure online platform that allows users to store and ‘send’ documents quickly, easily – and most importantly – free. Recipients simply log-in using a unique code sent to them and they can view, save and print the documents they need.

MD of CFH Docmail Dave Broadway comments:

“We have all heard the about the price of stamps rising again – post is expensive, and for organisations such as Wiltshire Council, email is not secure or reliable. The Dotpost solution is an ideal way to deliver these documents securely, especially in the digital age. We believe that this way ‘sending’ documents – including invoices, bills, and statements – is a great alternative to print and post, and it is of course much easier for consumers if they can store and view all their paperwork on one secure portal.”

Wiltshire County Council is the first organisation to use the Dotpost service, and has already seen over 1,500 new users register for the Dotpost service in the first four days. The Council issued around 200,000 Council Tax bills to residents last week offering the service. Each bill included a personal sign up code allowing that resident to create a Dotpost account. Those that do can receive their next bill from Wiltshire Council as an online document, saving the council a significant sum, but may revert to paper if they prefer.

Dave Broadway added:

“We expect Dotpost to become a vital means by which consumers can store and access important documents. Dotpost is available on most mobile devices, and will provide secure online access to key documents like for example a stored copy of your passport which you could in an emergency, as well as an increasing number of bills and communications from suppliers using the service.”

Sign up to Dotpost is currently by invitation only. Wiltshire residents have until just the 14th April to create their account using the sign up code on their council tax bill. After that date, the code will expire.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Clelland and Boyd clearly seeing the savings

Clelland and Boyd Opticians are seeing clear savings since switching to a hybrid print and mail solution one year ago.  The optician is a family-run firm, with three busy branches located in Blairgowrie, Broughty Ferry and Carnoustie.  In fact, they are one of the longest serving opticians in the regions of Angus and Perthshire.  With over 12,000 active patients, they have excellent customer service standards and patient retention rates, and are now reaping the benefits of outsourcing their patient communication to the Docmail system.

Docmail is a hybrid print and mail solution that allows companies, such as Clelland and Boyd to send out letters and documents in the post, with just a few clicks, and without the need for printing, envelopes or stamps. After creating the document you want to send, users can simply select their mailing list, and submit it to Docmail, for less than the cost of a second class stamp. 

Clelland and Boyd had not previously used a hybrid mail system, so all of its weekly patient communication, such as, reminders for eye tests, special promotions and appointment confirmations, had to be printed and posted manually.  Karen Forbes recalls that this used to take the best part of a day, each week to complete.  She comments:

“Before using Docmail, sending out patient letters used to be a much longer process.  We had to pull the list of patients that we wished to mail, then merge those with a standard letter template and then print on headed paper, before signing and folding every letter and stuffing them into envelopes, and finally putting on stamps and taking them to the post box.  As a result, we went through a lot of headed paper, printer ink, envelopes and stamps!  It was a much bigger job in the past and time intensive, with over 100 letters printing off in succession – I couldn’t focus on other jobs whilst I was doing that.”

Now, after a year, Karen has much more time on her hands to focus on other tasks, and doesn’t have to think about this task every week.  She says: “Now, it’s a much quicker, easier and smooth running process and very easy to manage.  Our Docmail card provides a much more eye catching and modern way of communicating with the patients. 

“We believe our postcard stands out when it comes through our patient’s letterbox and it can then be easily popped onto the fridge or a notice board as a reminder, whereas often a letter can be easily dismissed or thrown away.  We have seen much better responses to these cards than ever before, so it’s great for our business too.” 

With Docmail, Clelland and Boyd have the freedom to choose the template they use, and can customise each mailing with logos and branch addresses to suit.  They simply select the relevant database of patients and submit it via the Docmail portal.  The addresses are then checked again by Docmail and the mailing is printed and sent out via the post within a couple of days. 

Karen has seen a dramatic difference to her stationery costs since using Docmail: 

“We no longer have any ink, paper or envelope costs at all.  The only thing we pay for is postage, and even that is pay-as-you go, so there are no upfront costs or subscription fees to use the Docmail service. We have also saved on the cost of buying second class stamps. For us it's a massive saving, both financially and time- wise, money and time that can be redirected into other aspects of the business.

Karen continues:

“If other practices are using a more old fashioned method then I would recommend switching to a hybrid solution, like Docmail.  It's so easy to use and getting set up was straight forward.   You still have complete control over what you're sending, how it looks, who you are sending it to, but without all the extra cost and hassle. It’s reliable and very cost-effective as well as efficient, and we have nothing but good things to say about it!  In fact, I can't believe we used to use any other method – the Docmail way is just so much easier and far cheaper!” 

Brian Graham, of CFH Scotland, is pleased that Clelland and Boyd have seen the Docmail difference:

“We are delighted to hear that Karen and the team at Clelland and Boyd are benefiting from switching to Docmail.  For these types of regular mass mailings, Docmail is a perfect solution and a much more cost-effective and efficient alternative to printing and stuffing envelopes and paying for postage. Our service is used and trusted by over 18,000 small businesses across the UK and as more finances and budgets come under pressure in the current climate, spending less on these types of administrative, time-intensive tasks is just good business sense.”

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tailored print & post service suits Guide London

For British Menswear brand, GUIDE LONDON, detail is everything. From their knitwear and shirts, to their belts and socks, every design detail matters to the stylish family-owned fashion label, and the more time they can spend on perfecting garments and accessories, the better. For all businesses, taking care of the paperwork can be a time-consuming affair, but GUIDE LONDON has reduced its administrative burden by using a hybrid mailing system for handling its customer invoices. 

The Docmail service, which allows users to compose and send out mailings with just a few clicks, has freed up the GUIDE team to spend more time on things that help their business grow. The company has sent nearly 10,000 invoices using the Docmail system, saving them countless hours of printing and stuffing envelopes. Add to that the fact that there is no expensive printer toner, and no need to purchase paper, envelopes or stamps, and the appeal of using this type of print and mailing system is obvious.

Jessica Benson at GUIDE LONDON, explains:

“We’ve enjoyed using Docmail for four years now, and we would never be without it - it used to take too long before! With just a few clicks, the job is done - no printing invoices, no stuffing invoices in envelopes, no sticking stamps, no buying stamps, no printer jams, no rush to the post-box to make the last post!  Sure, we’ve reduced our stationery bill, but for us, it’s not just about the money we’ve saved. It’s about the automation and reliability of the process which allows us to focus on helping customers, work on new designs, and grow our business.

“The online portal is so easy to use, and the service is fast, effective and above all, reliable – we would definitely recommend that other small businesses consider using a service like Docmail.”

Managing Director of CFH Docmail, Dave Broadway, adds:

“Hybrid mail is relatively new, and unfortunately, relatively unknown, but with the proven time and cost savings that it brings to small and medium-sized businesses, like GUIDE LONDON, its impact can be significant. Many small firms are great at creating efficiencies in their business but often these seemingly smaller, more menial tasks get overlooked.  Docmail offers a tangible alternative to the traditional print and post method, saving time and money – and all for less than the price of a first class stamp.”

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

No More Stuffing Envelopes!

CFH Commercial Director Jon Marsh handing over a cheque for £1000 to Chadsfield, for placing Docmail's one millionth order last year.

The Chadsfield Medical Practice in Stockport is a family-friendly practice with five GP partners and over 7,000 patients, serving the local communities of Romiley, Bredbury, Woodley, Compstall and Marple. 

It is also one of a growing number of medical practices in the UK to embrace the use of hybrid mail for sending important correspondence to patients.

Hybrid mail is the term used to describe a new generation of mail service – one that combines physical mail with electronic delivery. 

This hybrid mail solution allows medical practices of all sizes to benefit from savings in administrative time and postage costs. Not only is it faster and more cost-effective, crucially, it’s more secure, and relieves the labour intensive task of a manual postal mailing.

Practice administrator Sara Mayer knows only too well how intensive this task can be, and has consequently made the switch to a hybrid mail approach at Chadsfield practice. “Put simply, it’s quick, easy, and has definitely saved the practice money, as well as helping us become more efficient. We rely on it so much now, and we’ve never been let down” she says.

How does hybrid mail work? Its simple.  You write, print and post personalised correspondence through a secure online portal. All that’s required is to compose the letter, select the recipients from a personalised address database, and the system does the rest, with just a few clicks.  Docmail has an extremely high success rate with its medical practice clients – of which it has over 1,500,  leaving practices satisfied and safe in the knowledge that the letter will arrive safely, but with much less hassle. 

The Chadsfield Medical Practice uses the Docmail Print Driver which works seamlessly with its EMIS Web patient administration software, which also allows the practice to update patient records with a copy of each item of correspondence.

Sara is responsible for the practice’s QOF mailings, and has found Docmail particularly useful for sending regular patient reminders for review appointments, such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, and hypertension.  She sends out letters each week in batches of anything from ten to 50 at a time – although the system will allow a range of just a single letter to thousands at a time.   

Sara remembers what a huge undertaking this used to be: 

“Prior to using Docmail, I would print the letters off myself, stuff the envelopes, and stick on a second class stamp. That’s all so time consuming when we are always very busy and our patient number are continually growing.  Coming into the practice from my previous job in a paperless office, it was quite a shock to see how much paper – not to mention printer toner - was being used – so I was naturally delighted to make the switch.

“It’s a straightforward and intuitive process to pick up, but there is a really helpful support team on hand if and when you get stuck. We have been able to uploaded our practice letterhead to the system, so our letters go out fully branded, and don’t look any different compared to before.

Sara has worked out that she’s saved over 35% on stamps since using Docmail, plus extra savings on paper, toner and envelopes, as well as her valuable time. 
She continues, “We get a good response from our patients when we send them reminders by post, although we do also use text reminders and telephone calls for some patients. However, many of our patients are elderly and don’t use mobile phones – so letters are most definitely the preferred method of communication for their needs.

Of course, patient confidentiality is a priority for medical practices, so security and safety of data is always a factor for practices when considering these new methods and solutions. For Chadsfield Medical Practice, it was no different, and Sara was impressed to find that Docmail’s credentials stacked up. Not only are they the only organisation in the UK to achieve a 100% rating in the Department of Health's Information Governance Toolkit Assessment, but they also have accreditation standard BSI ISO 27001 for Information Security Management System, and ensure compliance with the NHS Data Protection requirements via a signed Data Processing Agreement with all its medical practice clients. 

“There are a number of reasons other practices should make the switch to hybrid mail – we have definitely seen reduced costs, we don’t need to pre-plan the buying of stamps, and a big plus – no more folding paper and stuffing envelopes! For those larger mailings, it saves so much time, and you can just move on the next job of the day, knowing that the printing and mailing will be taken care of, in a safe and secure way. ”

Speaking about the benefits for GP practices, Dave Broadway, Managing Director of CFH Docmail, comments:

“Docmail is a hugely innovative development and is the way forward for practices who want to save time and money in their patient communications, whilst maintaining the highest standards of patient care and data security. We are proud to be helping medical practices, like Chadsfield, make the most of their limited time and budgets, and offer a service that they can rely on and trust.

“Docmail can make life considerably easier for practices at a time when everyone is under immense time and budget pressures.  Staff can compile their bespoke patient correspondence via the secure portal and with the click of a mouse, action, print and post at less than the cost of a second class stamp.”