Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tailored print & post service suits Guide London

For British Menswear brand, GUIDE LONDON, detail is everything. From their knitwear and shirts, to their belts and socks, every design detail matters to the stylish family-owned fashion label, and the more time they can spend on perfecting garments and accessories, the better. For all businesses, taking care of the paperwork can be a time-consuming affair, but GUIDE LONDON has reduced its administrative burden by using a hybrid mailing system for handling its customer invoices. 

The Docmail service, which allows users to compose and send out mailings with just a few clicks, has freed up the GUIDE team to spend more time on things that help their business grow. The company has sent nearly 10,000 invoices using the Docmail system, saving them countless hours of printing and stuffing envelopes. Add to that the fact that there is no expensive printer toner, and no need to purchase paper, envelopes or stamps, and the appeal of using this type of print and mailing system is obvious.

Jessica Benson at GUIDE LONDON, explains:

“We’ve enjoyed using Docmail for four years now, and we would never be without it - it used to take too long before! With just a few clicks, the job is done - no printing invoices, no stuffing invoices in envelopes, no sticking stamps, no buying stamps, no printer jams, no rush to the post-box to make the last post!  Sure, we’ve reduced our stationery bill, but for us, it’s not just about the money we’ve saved. It’s about the automation and reliability of the process which allows us to focus on helping customers, work on new designs, and grow our business.

“The online portal is so easy to use, and the service is fast, effective and above all, reliable – we would definitely recommend that other small businesses consider using a service like Docmail.”

Managing Director of CFH Docmail, Dave Broadway, adds:

“Hybrid mail is relatively new, and unfortunately, relatively unknown, but with the proven time and cost savings that it brings to small and medium-sized businesses, like GUIDE LONDON, its impact can be significant. Many small firms are great at creating efficiencies in their business but often these seemingly smaller, more menial tasks get overlooked.  Docmail offers a tangible alternative to the traditional print and post method, saving time and money – and all for less than the price of a first class stamp.”