Friday, 14 November 2014

CFH Docmail Installs Massive Solar Panel Array

Managing Director Dave Broadway inspects the new Solar array.

CFH Docmail Ltd has completed the installation of a Solar PV System at its Radstock site that at peak generation will provide over 60% of the company’s electrical energy requirement.

The system which is made up of 1,000, 250-watt Solar Photovoltaic panels has been installed on the two roofs of the main areas of business operation.

The company has invested £250,000 in the renewable technology solution, with pay back anticipated in five years.

The energy generated by the Solar PV system will result in a reduction of 206 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the first year,  and will also be used to charge the electric vehicles that supply the company’s Velopost with mail for delivery in Bristol and Bath.

Managing Director of CFH Docmail, Dave Broadway said:

 “The Solar PV system complements and enhances an ongoing project that has been running since 2010 that has targeted and reduced our energy consumption by 20%. We have used a combination of efficiency improvement processes and investment in low energy consumption technology including: LED lighting; heat optimisation controls and heat recovery systems.”

The installation was project managed and completed by local specialist Solar Systems of Ilminster, Somerset between August and October 2014.

CFH Docmail has been awarded throughout 2014 for their groundbreaking initiatives to achieve a reduction of various environmental impacts whilst expanding the business. These include: a reduction in electricity consumption of 30% and an equivalent reduction in gas use.

CFH Docmail are the proud recipients of a Green Apple Award; Business In The Community, Responsible Business Award; Made In The South West Award; Bath Business, Environmental Business Of The Year; and a Bristol Post Award.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

CFH Docmail Secures GPSoC IT Services Framework Agreement

Hybrid Mail specialists, CFH Docmail, has secured a new agreement with the GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC), as part of its Lot 2 Additional GP IT Services Framework. CFH Docmail, which has already helped its medical sector clients save over £6million.

The Lot 2 framework agreement enables local organisations, including general practices and CCG’s to procure additional software, hardware and professional services, complementary to those already available under Lot 1. The Lot 2 catalogue will be published in December 2014 and will be accompanied by ‘how to buy’ guidance to support local organisations in ordering services.

CFH Docmail has been approved to supply four distinct services under the agreement; ROVa, Docmail, Dotpost, and Docmail Plus. ROVa is an innovative new application that enables medical record access and facilitates communication between patients and clinicians. Docmail is a print and mail software solution for patient communications and Dotpost allows patients to receive communications via their own secure digital mailbox. Docmail Plus integrates all three solutions with the Principal Clinical System.

There are already 3,000 medical and healthcare providers, CCG’s, Hospitals and NHS Trusts across the UK who enjoy using the Docmail print and mail service, which helps them save endless hours printing and stuffing envelopes and thousands of pounds on stationery and stamps every year.

The Docmail solution has allowed medical practices to send over 10 million important documents - including appointment reminders and clinic notices – at a fraction of the cost of traditional mass mailings.

Martin’s Oak Surgery, a small practice in East Sussex, has been using Docmail for the last two years, and for Practice Manager, Carey Sinclair, the difference it’s made to their practice is significant:

“Docmail has saved money, staff hours and elbow grease and once we learned how to format the documents and spreadsheets, it really was plain sailing.

“I would estimate we have literally saved days in staff time, and therefore hundreds of pounds using Docmail for large runs – it’s much more efficient than the more traditional method. For example, using it for our flu campaign alone saved over £800 and by using EMIS Web searches we can save even more. We are glad to have discovered Docmail - and we believe that other medical practices should benefit from it too.”

CFH Docmail Managing Director, Dave Broadway, says:

“We are delighted to have secured a contract as part of the GPSoC supplier framework and that our solutions have been recognised as a valuable asset to the medical sector. As the only supplier offering these types of print and mail services, it demonstrates that the communications solutions we have worked hard to develop are valuable, credible and fit-for-purpose.

“In fact, are now the number one provider of mailing services to the medical and health services sector, with a 25% share of the Hybrid Mail market, and we are continuing to grow.

“Whether used alone, or as part of a patient management system, our patient communications solutions can make life considerably easier for admin staff, at a time when every minute and every penny matters.”

For further information, contact:
Dave Broadway, CFH Docmail Ltd, Tel: 01761 416311

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

You’ve Got a Friend In Me

FATHER AND SON: David and Joe Broadway 

Choosing the right or wrong business partner can make or break your business. Zoe Efstathiou speaks to some great business teams to find out how they make their relationships work.

Joining the family business seemed like an easy option for Joe Broadway, who had just graduated with a degree in Political Science when he took on an account manager role at his father, Dave Broadway’s, delivery firm, CFH Docmail. Four years on, Joe is responsible for running his own division within the company, which is currently the third largest end-to-end delivery service in the UK.

Joe recounted: “I had just finished university and was planning on going travelling, but there was a position open at CFH that paid more than any other job I could get at that time. My plan was to work at CFH for a year, then take my savings and travel, but somehow I really got into it and, four years later, I’m still here as a director of the company.

“Working with my father is actually very rewarding. I had a huge amount of respect for him anyway, and this only grew as I worked with him. We both have very strong personalities and we are both stubborn, so if we do clash over a difference of opinion, it is quite easy for us both to get heated.

“Keeping the relationship professional at work is tough, and you have to remember that you can’t have a row with the managing director - even if he is your dad! It’s also difficult being the bosses’ son. Everyone thinks I’ve been handed my position on a silver platter, so I have to work twice as hard to prove myself. Despite this, it is a really rewarding experience, and having someone that you can trust completely in your business is invaluable. My father has been a pillar of support in my career so far, and without his trust and encouragement I would not have gotten as far as I have.”

Read the article here (pdf): Talk Business Article 

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For further information, contact:
Joe Broadway, CFH Docmail Ltd, Tel: 01761 416311