Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bike UK Takes Delivery of Velopost Post Box

Bristol based cycling specialist Bike UK has teamed up with fossil fuel free delivery service Velopost to offer customers the opportunity to buy stamps and post letters when they shop.

Bike UK in Clifton, the city’s largest bicycle and accessories retailer, is the first retailer to install a Velopost post box after a successful pilot in Destination Bristol.

Bike UK Shop Manager Damola Johnson says ‘We want to contribute to the community and green credentials of our city as well as growing a thriving business, and this Velopost link is perfect.  I dare say we’ll be able to tempt a few people with Bristol’s widest bike and accessories range whilst they’re dropping off their post’

Velopost Divisional Manager Phil Smisson  says ‘There has been huge enthusiasm from Bristol retailers to help us with a roll out programme and we expect this to be the first of many partnerships which allows us to provide residents of Bristol with the same cost effective and carbon neutral letter delivery mechanism that is enjoyed by Bristol and Bath businesses.’

CFH Docmail celebrates after one of its team gains NEBOSH Diploma qualification

Somerset-based print and mail company CFH Docmail is celebrating after a senior member of staff graduated with one of the most prestigious and sought after Health and Safety qualifications. 

The NEBOSH Diploma is one of the most comprehensive qualifications in terms of the amount of effort involved and the time required to complete all of the work. Pat Snooks, Process Control Manager at its Bath site, graduated from Warwick University after dedicating 18 months to this qualification.

Pitched to the academic equivalent of a  degree level qualification, the intensive NEBOSH course involved Pat studying with Caerphilly-based Santia Consulting, passing three exams and submitting an 8,000 word assessment. Having gained the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification in 2010, this was a natural progression. Pat comments, "The NEBOSH National Diploma required in the region of 475 study hours but I had the full support and encouragement of CFH Docmail and my family throughout.

"It has been a very tough 18 months of learning and study but proves that you are never too old to learn! Graduating was a very proud moment and the qualification has already proved invaluable within my daily work. It has allowed me to develop my knowledge and provide professional and practical advice on strategic health and safety decision-making within the CFH group."

CFH Docmail announces new Business Development Manager

UK-based print and mail company CFH Docmail has announced Chris Burridge as Business Development Manager.

Chris Burridge brings with him a wealth of sales, sales management and relationship management experience after 12 years as Channel Sales Manager for a leading payment solutions company. Chris will be responsible for business development in London and the surrounding areas.

Chris comments: “I have always been really impressed with the cost and time benefits that Docmail is bringing to businesses large and small. I am thrilled to be a part of taking this company forward in the capital.”

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

CFH Docmail Acquires BSS Scotmail Business

CFH Docmail Ltd, the leading provider of hybrid mail in the UK, has acquired the assets of the Glasgow site of BSS Scotland Ltd (also trading as BSS Scotmail) in a deal designed to save jobs and deliver an ongoing service to existing clients.

Glasgow based BSS Scotland provides print and mail services to businesses and public bodies in Scotland, with a turnover of £2.3 million and 39 employees.

CFH Docmail operates in Scotland from a 40,000 sq ft. site in Livingston, which employs 28 people and has a sales turnover of £2.5 million.

CFH Docmail intends that BSS Scotmail will continue continue to provide its current services and will remain as a trading and production unit based in Scotland.

CFH MD Dave Broadway said “It is always sad to see a good business like BSS Scotmail put into this position by factors outside their control. I am pleased that CFH Docmail will be able to ensure that Scotmail continues to serve its Scottish customer base as it has for the last 30 years and that many employee positions will be protected.”

Broadway added: “When a business enters administration, it is important that action is taken quickly to protect customers and jobs. As a highly profitable and cash rich business, CFH Docmail were able to react immediately and fund the purchase out of cashflow.”

For further information, contact:
Dave Broadway, CFH Docmail Ltd, Tel: 01761 416311

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Velopost Cycling Logistics Are Great!

It sounds like an odd sentence but it’s true, they are genuinely great. They replace heavy, congestion causing, smog belching, fossil fuel consuming motor vehicles and replace them with quiet, clean, healthy bikes.

Bicycles have many benefits when replacing the traditional fossil fuel vehicles of the logistics and supply chain. They help to reduce congestion throughout the city which makes cities easier to move around and safer for pedestrians and other cyclists, they don’t pump out smoke and fumes so the air quality improves making people happier and healthier, they get noticed, because the idea is still quite new and novel and most importantly they help businesses to save the environment and often more cheaply than other methods.

Quite a lot of businesses want to save the environment but they can’t always afford to take massive projects to install solar panels or replace all of their lights with LED’s , however cycle logistics often offer a way to save the environment and some of your hard earned cash.

“But what can I use cycle logistics for and where can I find them?” I’m sure I hear you cry, well this guide will give you the basic info on five different services the cycle logistics industry provides and where to find them.

1. Parcel Delivery 

Let’s start with an obvious one. Bicycles have been delivering parcels in cities for decades, in fact a whole industry, cargo bikes, has grown around providing these entrepreneurial individuals with a means of carrying heavy and bulky packages safely and efficiently on a bicycle.

The bicycle parcel delivery industry is a busy one and most major cities have several companies offering this service. Not only does this mean you can get your parcels delivered emission free but you can also get them delivered much more cheaply.

Because bicycles cost a fraction of the cost of a van to buy and maintain and don’t need fuel you should be able to get your parcels delivered for as little as one third of the cost of traditional couriers.

2. Document Couriers 

This one is less likely to be needed by everyone but quite a lot of people have had the need to send documents urgently from one place to another within a matter of hours. This service is obviously usually more expensive than your bog standard cycle couriers and can be anything up to £10 for a single letter but you get good bang for your buck. Bristol Cycle Couriers who also operate in Cardiff will collect you mail item within 15 minutes and ride it directly to any address within a mile all for less than £10 ( ).

Also, if you need it there fast then by bike is often quicker as it’s not slowed by traffic and can be taken by cycle routes to avoid the delays.

3. Pedicabs (Rickshaws) 

So, a little less obvious then, pedicabs offer a fossil fuel free way of getting around town. Basically a taxi service but powered by pedalling not by petrol.

Pedicabs not only help to save the environment and often get you around as quickly as  a car, thanks to a bicycles ability to skip around and through traffic, but they also give you a unique way to see the city you live in.

You get to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the city as if you were walking or cycling yourself but without all that hard work.

Excellent for anything from a leisure tour of your local area to genuine inner city business transportation they offer an interesting way of getting around and show people that you care about the environment.

They also provide a brilliant talking point if you turn up to your next meeting in one!
A lot of businesses have a taxi firm on speed dial, why not switch to a pedicab company instead?

4. Advertising 

You may think this seems a little bit strange but, if you think about it, this makes perfect sense. You want to get your message out there, you want people to know you’re green and your clients are mainly in the city you work in.

Then look no further than cycle logistics. Many different logistics companies sell advertising space on their bicycles, cargo bikes, uniforms or rickshaws and they get noticed.

It’s not every day you mail, parcel, contract or friend is delivered by bike and this has impact. People stop the cyclists and ask questions, they want to know what they are doing and why especially if they have seen them all over the city.

It can be an interesting way of getting your message out there and sends a clear message to your potential clients, you support local businesses and you want to help save the environment. That’s a pretty good message to send.

5. Mail Delivery 

I’ve saved the best till last, though I am slightly biased. If your business sends letters, and many do, then sending them via a local bicycle delivery service not only saves you a lot of money over Royal Mail’s exorbitant prices, but also makes a significant impact on the environment.

We have calculated that each letter sent via bicycle delivery instead of via gas guzzling diesel vans prevents the emission of 17.9 grams of CO2. In a single year we have calculated that, at Velopost, we prevent the emission of roughly 10.74 tonnes of CO2.

On average one litre of petrol produces 2.4 kg of CO2, so every year Velopost prevents the equivalent of burning 4475 litres of petrol.

That’s a lot of petrol.

On top of all of this having your mail delivered by bicycle is another good way of getting noticed. As I said before people ask questions and are excited by it and even tweet about it.

A Cleaner, Greener Logistics

So in conclusion cycle logistics can help you to save money, get noticed by your clients (in the right way) and can help you save the environment.

There’s almost no reason not to do it! For more information on the cycle services available in your city and for links to the websites of those mentioned check out the following websites:

Happy cycling everyone!
Joe Broadway – CEO of Velopost