Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Mailing specialist calls on Charities to learn from GPs and Councils as fundraisers go back to the drawing board

Managing Director Dave Broadway of printing and mail specialist CFH Docmail Ltd has challenged charities to look outside their sector to find the best practices that will help the industry put its fundraising back on track and begin to restore the faith of UK donors. His call comes as The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee’s recently published review concluded that ‘the reputation of charities has been damaged, including those that behaved properly.’

Dave Broadway says ‘Heads of Fundraising are probably facing one of their most difficult years to date. Cuts in Government funding and the disappearance of telephone agencies and other third party organisations means that they will need to find creative ways to bridge the gap.

‘One of the biggest barriers to solving the problem is their lack of ‘in house’ expertise to help them work through their existing responsibilities in terms of direct mail and data protection legislation as well as acting fast to avoid the time bomb of affirmative consent.

‘Direct mail still commands the lion’s share of all advertising spend by charities (61% of £394 million at the last count).  Only a small proportion of it is sent using hybrid mail which would not only save a fortune on print and post (a standard letter can be printed, enclosed and mailed for less than a second class stamp) but all the protocols are in place to ensure that the data is totally secure and that the processes are in place for the correct permissions to be sought, including affirmative consent.

‘Charities need to take the lead from City Councils and GP surgeries across the country who have faced similar crisis’ in terms of watching their budgets evaporate while needing to maintain the same level of written communication. By migrating to hybrid mail batches of letters can now be sent by the push of a button rather than taking up days of staff time.  In the process they have not only saved time and money but have also been able to provide a timely response which creates a better patient / client experience.

‘Hybrid mail is also accessible for every size of charity as the entry level is one letter. It allows for the testing of different creative treatments and provides the perfect mechanic for keeping precious donors up to date with your work. It is the most cost effective method of delivery which means you know you are spending money wisely and has a lower carbon footprint than conventional mail.’