Saturday, 25 June 2016

A few words on the BREXIT result.

A few words from our CEO, Dave Broadway, on yesterday's referendum result. 

"Democracy works by letting people vote for the politician or party they think best represents their views. It is the duty of that party or politician to then study and understand the issues – with the help of thousands of civil servants, and make sensible decisions based on that, and within the bounds of the views they represent.

We have just held the EU referendum and asked ordinary people to vote on something in which they have no knowledge or understanding.

David Cameron created this situation to protect his party from UKIP and to satisfy the anti-EU elements of his party - nothing to do with the good of the country.

We then saw the likes of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage use that situation for political gain. They chose to muddy the waters and use misinformation and untruths to achieve their personal aims, rather than educating the electorate to make an informed decision.

Then we had the many newspapers like The Sun, The Daily Express, the Daily Mail promoting hate and lies to sell papers. They would publish an untrue story about immigration in huge front page headlines, then have a tiny retraction on page 6 admitting the story was a lie next day.

The end result being that people with little knowledge of the way the EU and the country worked had no chance of gaining that knowledge. They based their decision on the lies, and in some cases the hate, being generated. They therefore have no real understanding of the consequences of their decision.

The constant refrain of “£350m more into the NHS” (already proven not to be £350m) seemed to catch with most people. Well that figure depends on tax paid.  Tax comes from earnings. Most of our balance of payments these days comes from ‘services’, predominantly the financial services of the City of London.

The city enjoys an EU ‘passport’ banks based there can trade capital markets across Europe. It will now lose that passport. The end result is a huge drop in our balance of payments – which means less tax and less to the NHS. Oh, and by the way, this ‘promise’ was from an unelected body (the leave campaign) that had no power to put it into place.

That is only one of the effects, let’s not forget Nissan, Honda and others who manufacture here as a gateway to Europe. It is impossible to identify all the losses from our economy.

All of these politicians and newspapers have let the country down. They have all promoted their own interests above the country and led people to a decision that will prove disastrous for us all.

I can’t blame the Leave voters. To quote a famous phrase – “forgive them, for they know not what they do”."

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