Monday, 13 June 2016


Have you planted a CFH Docmail tree?

Earn Docmail credit and have trees planted in your, your business or a loved ones' name.

(the Toptree woods looking rather green)

Did you meet the Docmail team at an exhibition or business event and receive one of our Toptree Saplings?  Was it a Wild Cherry Blosson, a Wild Pear or perhaps a Silver Birch?

Did you plant the tree in your garden at home, place of work or community area?

We are looking to see how the 15,000 trees we have given away over the last 5 years have grown.  We would like you to tell us about your tree, where it is planted, how big it is now, when did you plant it?

We would like you to join our social media campaign #CFHSapling via our twitter account @CFH_Docmail or please send the information to

But more importantly, if you send us a CFH Sapling photo, you will be entered into our CFH sapling competition.

The competition will be judged by Mr Dave Broadway.  Dave is an ardent environmentalist and Managing Director of CFH Docmail Ltd.

The winner with the best photo will be published on our website and on our social media sites.

The top prize will be to have 5 trees planted in a place of your choice and dedicated to you, your business or a loved one. 

There will also be 5 follow up prizes of £20 credit to use on Docmail.

CFH Docmail launched our Toptree initiative in 1997 in partnership with the Woodland Trust.

To date we have planted more than 100,000 trees.  Many companies try to reduce their environmental impact by reducing their paper usage and using recycled paper.  However, with the environmental challenges we face today, conservation is not enough.  We need restoration.

Happy snapping and we look forward to hearing from you!

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