Monday, 25 July 2016

Royal West Of England Academy and Velopost

Rebecca Clay is Marketing Manager of Royal West of England Academy and is tasked with promoting the four private views a year. Her brief is to produce effective, creative communication but to keep to a strict budget. Previously mailings had been undertaken by a mailing company but the process had recently been brought in house to save money. 

Rebecca says ‘I had managed to save money on fulfilment but still couldn’t reduce postage costs then I met Velopost who said they could take a penny off the price but would also deliver by bicycle which would offset the environmental effects of using a printed invite. We were able to use the service to cover the whole of Bath and Bristol.

What we hadn’t expected was the impact we would  have by delivering our invitations this way. Some recipients even tweeted photos of their invites to say how much they liked receiving them by bike.

Velopost have also designed us our own RWA stamps which is brilliant in terms of reinforcing our branding.

The Arts Council have recently stated that 30% of the industry’s communication relies on traditional print so this is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint.

Given our green credentials as a City this is clearly a perfect delivery solution for any events, entertainment venue or attraction.’

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Accessible Information Standards; helping NHS providers hit targets.

Here at CFH, we work with a huge variety of different clients in a wide manner of different ways. 
A current example of the work we are doing is helping achieve the Accessible Information Standard targets that NHS and publically funded adult social care organisations must achieve by 31st July 2016.

The Accessible Information Standard aims to make sure that disabled people have access to information that they can understand and any communication support they might need.
Using Dotpost’s secure online document and depository portal, which includes specific modifications designed to help these organisations, confidential documents can be sent securely directly to their patients Dotpost account.  Patients, who use this service free of charge, can then elect to receive documents via conventional post, large print or electronically. 

Unlike email, which is not encrypted as standard and is open to interception, documents stored in Dotpost are encrypted on a per document basis, so only the intended recipient can open and view their contents.  Additionally, only verified senders are able to send documents to users, reducing the risk of users receiving incorrect, misleading or malicious information from unverified sources and avoiding phishing attacks.

Dotpost is available via the website and through both Android and iOS apps. The mobile application means users can access their documents, securely, on the move. 

Importantly at a time of spending cuts, this method of delivering information has no set up cost and each mailing is only 10p for up to five sides, meaning information leaflets can be sent with the covering letters . It also means that documents are stored and available for future reference reducing the incidence of requests for duplicate information.

For further information about the Accessible Information Standard, see:

For our official press release, see:

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

New CEO for CFH Docmail as Dave Broadway passes on baton

Our CEO, Dave Broadway, has handed over management of the company to former IT Director and MD for Scotland Bill McFedries who will take over as Managing Director and CEO  of the Group with immediate effect.  Dave Broadway will continue within the business as Chairman of the CFH group of companies that includes CFH Docmail, Print UK and Velopost.

The changes come hot on the heels of the announcement of record breaking financial results with turnover up 14% to £45 million and profits of £1.6 million, with staff sharing a pay out of over £200,000. CFH has seen consistent improvements in turnover for the last five years with a total increase of more than £18 million sales (around 55% growth) since 2012/13.

Other new appointments include:  Adam Harwood who becomes MD of the Radstock site,  while Jon Marsh continues as MD of Print UK in Slough and Group Commercial Director.  Bill McFedries remains MD of  CFH Docmail (Scotland).

Dave Broadway said ‘This has been some time in the planning.  We have successfully completed the key phase of a significant ongoing environmental initiative as well as a period of investment in plant and IT and have made a number of acquisitions.  The business is in very good shape and I believe that this is the appropriate point to hand over to the people who have been instrumental in helping the business achieve its challenging objectives.’ 

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A few words on the new government and the environment.

Chairman Dave Broadway has this to say on the recent changes in Government.

"I have mixed feelings on the changes. Firstly, I would much rather not have a Conservative government. Of all of the possibilities they are the least green. However, we have what we have at the moment.  Overall the initial impressions are mixed. Theresa May’s voting record is very anti-environment as Home Secretary - however, in most cases she voted following the party line. 
Contrarily, prior to becoming home secretary she made some very ‘environmentally friendly’ speeches - so a mix. 
Similarly, although she has closed the Climate Change Department, she has appointed some key ministers with good environmental records. A very mixed bag - but at the very least, closure of that department puts out a very poor message."

Photo Credit: The BBC.

Monday, 18 July 2016

A day in the life with Alba Trees.

A Day In The Life – Print and Mail Specialist becomes a plants man for the day.

Print and Mail Specialist, Brian Graham, from our CFH team in Livingston hung up his suit and tie to experience the life of a Plants Man at Alba Trees Forest Nursery in East Lothian. This job swap was part of the carbon offset programme that we at CFH Docmail run; part of the programme which has led to the planting of 100,000 trees in association with the Woodland Trust.

Alba Trees produce cell-grown trees which means that they have been grown from seed in small containers. The nursery grows over 10 million trees every year. East Lothian in Scotland has extremely favourable conditions for tree husbandry due to the high number of sunshine hours in the county, combined with cold winters which helps with the hardening off process. This results in well grown hardy trees which are perfect for woodland planting throughout the UK.

Managing Director Rodney Shearer says ‘CFH Docmail has always been a huge advocates of tree planting schemes as they present each of their clients with our trees for their own gardens. We were delighted to have the opportunity to take Brian through the whole process from seed to sapling and finally despatch’.

Brian said ‘Today has been a real eye opener, it was fascinating to see the range of seeds being sown which included willow, birch and oak. It’s almost an art form, four staff had just produced 20,000 cells in 32 hours. It was interesting to see how the saplings are then graded according to customer requirement.

‘I had also probably never appreciated how many different varieties are grown on the nursery, many of which are fruit bearing trees such as Wild Cherry, Blackthorn for Sloe Berries and Christmas Trees. It’s also great to see a thriving business which produces a British grown product.’  
Managing Director Rodney Shearer added. We hope that other companies will take their lead from  CFH Docmail and recognise the part that trees can play in effective promotional marketing. They not only reinforce your commitment to the environment but a mug or pen will never have the impact of a wild cherry in blossom.’

To read more about our tree supplier, visit their website here:

Clelland and Boyd clearly seeing the savings.


Clelland and Boyd Opticians are seeing clear savings since switching to a hybrid print and mail solution one year ago.  The optician is a family-run firm, with three busy branches located in Blairgowrie, Broughty Ferry and Carnoustie.  In fact, they are one of the longest serving opticians in the regions of Angus and Perthshire.  With over 12,000 active patients, they have excellent customer service standards and patient retention rates, and are now reaping the benefits of outsourcing their patient communication to the Docmail system.

Docmail is a hybrid print and mail solution that allows companies, such as Clelland and Boyd to send out letters and documents in the post, with just a few clicks, and without the need for printing, envelopes or stamps. After creating the document you want to send, users can simply select their mailing list, and submit it to Docmail, for less than the cost of a second class stamp.

Clelland and Boyd had not previously used a hybrid mail system, so all of its weekly patient communication, such as, reminders for eye tests, special promotions and appointment confirmations, had to be printed and posted manually.  Karen Forbes recalls that this used to take the best part of a day, each week to complete.  She comments:

“Before using Docmail, sending out patient letters used to be a much longer process.  We had to pull the list of patients that we wished to mail, then merge those with a standard letter template and then print on headed paper, before signing and folding every letter and stuffing them into envelopes, and finally putting on stamps and taking them to the post box.  As a result, we went through a lot of headed paper, printer ink, envelopes and stamps!  It was a much bigger job in the past and time intensive, with over 100 letters printing off in succession – I couldn’t focus on other jobs whilst I was doing that.”

Now, after a year, Karen has much more time on her hands to focus on other tasks, and doesn’t have to think about this task every week.  She says: “Now, it’s a much quicker, easier and smooth running process and very easy to manage.  Our Docmail card provides a much more eye catching and modern way of communicating with the patients. 

“We believe our postcard stands out when it comes through our patient’s letterbox and it can then be easily popped onto the fridge or a notice board as a reminder, whereas often a letter can be easily dismissed or thrown away.  We have seen much better responses to these cards than ever before, so it’s great for our business too.”

With Docmail, Clelland and Boyd have the freedom to choose the template they use, and can customise each mailing with logos and branch addresses to suit.  They simply select the relevant database of patients and submit it via the Docmail portal.  The addresses are then checked again by Docmail and the mailing is printed and sent out via the post within a couple of days.

Karen has seen a dramatic difference to her stationery costs since using Docmail:

“We no longer have any ink, paper or envelope costs at all.  The only thing we pay for is postage, and even that is pay-as-you go, so there are no upfront costs or subscription fees to use the Docmail service. We have also saved on the cost of buying second class stamps. For us it's a massive saving, both financially and time- wise, money and time that can be redirected into other aspects of the business.

Karen continues:

“If other practices are using a more old fashioned method then I would recommend switching to a hybrid solution, like Docmail.  It's so easy to use and getting set up was straight forward.   You still have complete control over what you're sending, how it looks, who you are sending it to, but without all the extra cost and hassle. It’s reliable and very cost-effective as well as efficient, and we have nothing but good things to say about it!  In fact, I can't believe we used to use any other method – the Docmail way is just so much easier and far cheaper!” 

Brian Graham, of CFH Scotland, is pleased that Clelland and Boyd have seen the Docmail difference:

“We are delighted to hear that Karen and the team at Clelland and Boyd are benefiting from switching to Docmail.  For these types of regular mass mailings, Docmail is a perfect solution and a much more cost-effective and efficient alternative to printing and stuffing envelopes and paying for postage. Our service is used and trusted by over 18,000 small businesses across the UK and as more finances and budgets come under pressure in the current climate, spending less on these types of administrative, time-intensive tasks is just good business sense.”

NEWS RELEASE: 13th February 2014

Monday, 11 July 2016

Electric cars, why Tesla and green progress.

Our CEO, Dave Broadway, recently undertook a trip from Bath to Slough, Slough to Edinburgh and then finally back to Bath again, visiting the three company sites in just 34 hours.

Here are his words on why electric cars, and Tesla in particular.

Electric cars tie in to our desire to be an entirely environmental company. We have spent many years reducing our energy usage across the business, almost £0.5m on a ‘solar roof’ at Radstock, and we buy only electricity produced from renewable sources. Electric cars were a natural step on from there since they are far less energy intensive than petrol/diesel cars and with no emissions. 

Until recently, a fully electric car wasn’t possible for most of our day to day travelling. We have used Nissan Leaf’s for short delivery journeys for over 3 years now, but until the advent of the Tesla, the 70-80 mile range of the Leaf made it unsuitable for our directors and sales staff. We therefore used hybrid cars to reduce our energy use. I had driven a Prius for many years prior to the Tesla. 

The increased range of the Tesla made it suitable for general use, and the incredible performance and space made it desirable as well.

The company is about to order its 5th Tesla. We have two already, two on order, and one more about to be ordered. It is a very desirable luxury car that combines huge performance with huge practicality. Finally driving a ‘green’ car is fun!

The impact of the decision? On a sunny day we can run our factory, and I can charge my car, from sunlight - no CO2  emissions to run a 110,000 square foot factory and a supercar!

And, if you have five minutes, this is a great video of his voyage.

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