Monday, 18 July 2016

A day in the life with Alba Trees.

A Day In The Life – Print and Mail Specialist becomes a plants man for the day.

Print and Mail Specialist, Brian Graham, from our CFH team in Livingston hung up his suit and tie to experience the life of a Plants Man at Alba Trees Forest Nursery in East Lothian. This job swap was part of the carbon offset programme that we at CFH Docmail run; part of the programme which has led to the planting of 100,000 trees in association with the Woodland Trust.

Alba Trees produce cell-grown trees which means that they have been grown from seed in small containers. The nursery grows over 10 million trees every year. East Lothian in Scotland has extremely favourable conditions for tree husbandry due to the high number of sunshine hours in the county, combined with cold winters which helps with the hardening off process. This results in well grown hardy trees which are perfect for woodland planting throughout the UK.

Managing Director Rodney Shearer says ‘CFH Docmail has always been a huge advocates of tree planting schemes as they present each of their clients with our trees for their own gardens. We were delighted to have the opportunity to take Brian through the whole process from seed to sapling and finally despatch’.

Brian said ‘Today has been a real eye opener, it was fascinating to see the range of seeds being sown which included willow, birch and oak. It’s almost an art form, four staff had just produced 20,000 cells in 32 hours. It was interesting to see how the saplings are then graded according to customer requirement.

‘I had also probably never appreciated how many different varieties are grown on the nursery, many of which are fruit bearing trees such as Wild Cherry, Blackthorn for Sloe Berries and Christmas Trees. It’s also great to see a thriving business which produces a British grown product.’  
Managing Director Rodney Shearer added. We hope that other companies will take their lead from  CFH Docmail and recognise the part that trees can play in effective promotional marketing. They not only reinforce your commitment to the environment but a mug or pen will never have the impact of a wild cherry in blossom.’

To read more about our tree supplier, visit their website here:

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