Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A few words on the new government and the environment.

Chairman Dave Broadway has this to say on the recent changes in Government.

"I have mixed feelings on the changes. Firstly, I would much rather not have a Conservative government. Of all of the possibilities they are the least green. However, we have what we have at the moment.  Overall the initial impressions are mixed. Theresa May’s voting record is very anti-environment as Home Secretary - however, in most cases she voted following the party line. 
Contrarily, prior to becoming home secretary she made some very ‘environmentally friendly’ speeches - so a mix. 
Similarly, although she has closed the Climate Change Department, she has appointed some key ministers with good environmental records. A very mixed bag - but at the very least, closure of that department puts out a very poor message."

Photo Credit: The BBC.

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