Monday, 25 July 2016

Accessible Information Standards; helping NHS providers hit targets.

Here at CFH, we work with a huge variety of different clients in a wide manner of different ways. 
A current example of the work we are doing is helping achieve the Accessible Information Standard targets that NHS and publically funded adult social care organisations must achieve by 31st July 2016.

The Accessible Information Standard aims to make sure that disabled people have access to information that they can understand and any communication support they might need.
Using Dotpost’s secure online document and depository portal, which includes specific modifications designed to help these organisations, confidential documents can be sent securely directly to their patients Dotpost account.  Patients, who use this service free of charge, can then elect to receive documents via conventional post, large print or electronically. 

Unlike email, which is not encrypted as standard and is open to interception, documents stored in Dotpost are encrypted on a per document basis, so only the intended recipient can open and view their contents.  Additionally, only verified senders are able to send documents to users, reducing the risk of users receiving incorrect, misleading or malicious information from unverified sources and avoiding phishing attacks.

Dotpost is available via the website and through both Android and iOS apps. The mobile application means users can access their documents, securely, on the move. 

Importantly at a time of spending cuts, this method of delivering information has no set up cost and each mailing is only 10p for up to five sides, meaning information leaflets can be sent with the covering letters . It also means that documents are stored and available for future reference reducing the incidence of requests for duplicate information.

For further information about the Accessible Information Standard, see:

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