Monday, 11 July 2016

Electric cars, why Tesla and green progress.

Our CEO, Dave Broadway, recently undertook a trip from Bath to Slough, Slough to Edinburgh and then finally back to Bath again, visiting the three company sites in just 34 hours.

Here are his words on why electric cars, and Tesla in particular.

Electric cars tie in to our desire to be an entirely environmental company. We have spent many years reducing our energy usage across the business, almost £0.5m on a ‘solar roof’ at Radstock, and we buy only electricity produced from renewable sources. Electric cars were a natural step on from there since they are far less energy intensive than petrol/diesel cars and with no emissions. 

Until recently, a fully electric car wasn’t possible for most of our day to day travelling. We have used Nissan Leaf’s for short delivery journeys for over 3 years now, but until the advent of the Tesla, the 70-80 mile range of the Leaf made it unsuitable for our directors and sales staff. We therefore used hybrid cars to reduce our energy use. I had driven a Prius for many years prior to the Tesla. 

The increased range of the Tesla made it suitable for general use, and the incredible performance and space made it desirable as well.

The company is about to order its 5th Tesla. We have two already, two on order, and one more about to be ordered. It is a very desirable luxury car that combines huge performance with huge practicality. Finally driving a ‘green’ car is fun!

The impact of the decision? On a sunny day we can run our factory, and I can charge my car, from sunlight - no CO2  emissions to run a 110,000 square foot factory and a supercar!

And, if you have five minutes, this is a great video of his voyage.

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