Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Living Wall.

If any of you have visited CFH recently, you can’t fail to see the bright green foliage that meets you on arrival.  Considering the building houses a factory, it is a remarkably jolly place to visit.  This wasn’t always the case, here is a picture of the drab exterior before Abi Broadway got her hands on the place!

We thought it might be nice to hear from Abi about the living wall, how she got the idea and why she thought it had a place on the exterior of a printing company.

“The idea stemmed from a collection of factory improvements I was working on last year. It was felt that the signage on the old factory could do with a bit of improvement, so I began working on that.

I was very into my gardening and was watching Gardeners World, where they had a section on living walls. I had the sudden idea that we could cover the old factory in panels of living plants.

The factory before Abi made her big plans.

A living wall can be described simply as vertical gardening. The living wall consists of steel installation mounting attached directly to the brickwork of the building which is then used to mount living wall panels to the face of the factory. These panels contain a growing medium into which the plants are introduced and then an irrigation system is used to feed and water the plants. Furthermore, the medium which the plants are growing in is recycled materials!

There are a lot of environmental benefits to a living wall, for example:
  • Improved biodiversity in urban areas for birds and insects
  • Plants reduce the air temperature and humidity around them thereby reducing the urban heat island effect
  • Plants purify the air by reducing CO2, NO2 and PM10s
  • Our factory can be quite loud due to the large machinery which can be running all hours of the day and night; living walls assist in sound reduction    
  • Living walls keep the building they are part of warm in winter and cool in summer"

In case you are interested, it is possible to accomplish something similar at home too with a bit of DIY or to purchase a smaller version of the real deal.

Our living wall was made by Enterprise Plants who can be found here: http://www.enterpriseplants.com/

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  1. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck.
    Green Walls

  2. I have converted few flower plants into living walls that covers my boundaries in the backyard, and feels so freshening to sit there and enjoy nature in the lovely weather.