Thursday, 8 September 2016

Introducing Treesa Green.

Anyone who attended Bath Film Festival’s pedal power movie last week will have met a slightly unusual, green hued and foliage covered ‘tree’, handing out saplings.  Treesa Green, CFH’s new environmental mascot, is fast becoming a small town hero.  Her creator, the imaginative Denise, has been kind enough to share a few words on the creation and mission of Treesa Green.

The idea for Treesa sprang from ‘The National Tree week’ event and our partnership with the Woodland Trust. I wanted to do something to celebrate trees because I think they are awesome!  We always give away trees at our exhibitions & conferences and are often complimented on how unique this is and I hope that Treesa will take our uniqueness to the next level.

The initial idea was for Treesa to visit local and inner city primary schools to plant trees as part of National Tree Week (Nov 26th – Dec 3rd).  However the idea continued to grow; we wanted the pupils to experience more than just a bunch of adults visiting and planting trees, we wanted to bring some magic with it.

When my children were Primary School age (they are now 20 & 18), I would dress up every year as the Christmas Fairy.  The delight and magic this small gesture bought was simply amazing, even now I am approached by ex-pupils and told how much they loved the Christmas fairy!  This magic is contagious, to bring it to something as important as planting trees would be wonderful.

We have a lot of talent within in the company.  Our Business Analyst, Abi, has written a brilliant short story about how Treesa Green runs away from the wood to go on an adventure.  She winds up at the school (each story will be personalised to the school we are visiting) and is upset by the lack of trees, so promises to come back and plant trees for the students.  We plan to leave a copy of the story behind with each school that gets involved.

We hope that having a walking and talking tree come visit your school, read you a story and help you plant trees, should be a fun and memorable experience for all involved.

Treesa Green also hopes to raise our company’s local profile, and more importantly, an awareness of the environment.  CFH Docmail Ltd is one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the UK, as we want to sing this message from the tree tops and encourage others to follow our footsteps.  We want to drive the National Tree Week campaign with both feet on the throttle (electric car throttle…of course!) and to use Treesa to celebrate and further our partnership with the Woodland Trust.

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