Sunday, 11 December 2016

Spam, spam, spam, spam (or 'how a Direct Mail campaign could help your business).

Email ought to be the marketers’ dream - it’s cheap and quick and can produce evidence of efficacy in an instant. However the enthusiasm for its use could ultimately also be responsible for its downfall.

We are all the subject of a marketing message email onslaught, entreaties to buy not only from the brands we love but also the ones with which we have no relationship, strangers we passed in the night as we idly surfed the net.

Like a room full of uninvited party guests they turn up 24/7, swamping the important messages from friends and family and business contacts. The return from holiday provokes an even greater sense of panic as we anticipate the hundreds if not thousands of emails that will need clearing down to allow us to make sense of what happened in the last fortnight.

In our irritation and speed to delete, most emails disappear without trace, the content at best having been skimmed but often never read.  More recently some frustrated users have even reported closing their accounts.

No wonder then that as email cut through reduces, attention returns to the centenarian of Direct Response, Direct Mail.

The direct mail environment is a good one. When you sort through your postal mail, you're probably much more relaxed and feel less put upon. This makes the recipient much more receptive to the message. 
Direct mail gives you the space to tell the whole story. If you tell the story well your reader will be with you until the end.
Direct mail gives you the opportunity to engage with the reader and present all the arguments which will motivate them to take action.
Direct mail also allows you to be truly creative and provides the flexibility to use a variety of inserts.
A more sophisticated data industry also allows you to strip and strand and be very accurate with your targeting, ensuring you achieve the very best value for money.
If you choose a hybrid mail service like CFH Docmail which will allow you to send bespoke mailings to any number of recipients you can test your messaging to find out what works best.
Docmail also enables you to print and post a letter for less than the cost of a second class stamp.
The simple truth is that people like direct mail and the most recent surveys confirm that it’s a truism across all age groups.
In a world where it can often be difficult to hear yourself think, Direct Mail slows the pace down, refocuses the customer’s mind and holds their attention.
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